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Oct. 5th, 2005

New layout.. not really a big deal, but it's fun.

Ever feel like you just wish everything could stop? Yeah.

I'm gonna go nap.
The Average Day..
Starts at ____ o' clock.: i'm gonna say around 10 AM on weekdays and whenever on weekends
First thing I think when I wake up is: "do I really have to go to class today?"
The first thing I usually do is..: shower
If I eat breakfast, it's usually..: something small, like a breakfast bar...
I get in the shower no later than..: 9:30 on mon and wed and 8 on tues and thurs.. whenever on weekends
I wash my ____ first.: arms.. lol
And I wash my ____ last.: hair
I'm usually on the computer by..: whenever
If I leave the house, I'm going to..: school, dinner, coffee.. whatev.. stalking.. lolol
I eat lunch by ____ o' clock.: lunch? i laugh at that word. as if i have money.
For lunch, I usually eat//drink..: if i have 50 cents on me then pretzel bites. lol
It usually takes me ____ to get ready.: half hour to an hour
I usually spend _____ on the computer.: till forever

As For Today..
I woke up at..: noon.
have eaten..: 3 cups of cinnamon toast crunch w/out milk, and vegitarian chinese.. mmmm <3 philly
I have gone to..: philly... vegitarian chinese restaurant, phag but it was closed, giovanni's room, and harry's apt. =)
I've been on the computer for..: dunno.. i'm drinking.. i know nothing. lol
I have been to these websites --: hotmail, livejournal, myspace
I am wearing..: old navy pj pants, lime green tanks, vickys underwear
My hair is..: up in a ponytail
I wish I was..: making out with either jake, justin, or john from rowan =/ LOLOL

I plan on waking up at..: probably late... lol
Spend my day doing..: hanging out with harry when he comes home from work, then driving back home =(
Talking to..: whomever
Listening to..: whatever
Thinking of..: these 3 boys that i currently have crushes on.. lolol my life is amazing <33
Laughing about..: whatever i find is amusing...
Getting angry about..: Uhm, people sucking. <--- great answer...

If You HAD To Choose..
Having the flu, or having a cold?: cold
Piercings all over your face, or piercings `everywhere` else?: ew neither...
Failing a class, or getting suspended?: getting suspended.. but hey, i'm in college so that doesn't happen to me anymore! woo! lol
Having to sit in a tub of snakes, or having to eat a tub of snakes?: sit
Eating a super-moldy peach, or drinking a glass of super-spoiled milk?: peach probably
Dying, or losing your memory?: i think dying.. yeah.
Going schitzo or being a mass murderer?: lolol mass murderer.. lololol

Have You Ever..
Been stood up?: yes
Had your Wisdom Teeth removed?: No
Played an instrument, and sucked at it?: i've had lessons.. but not piano.. i can still pick at it though and play melodies. get off it.
Seen a UFO?: i think so
Pulled an all-nighter?: haha yes.. college forever...
Been drunk?: umm.. duh. lol yes.
Been high?: No
Been giving a speeding ticket?: yes
Eaten octopus or squid?: i.. don't think so.. hmm
Been to a play?: of course =)
Gone surfing?: No... but i'd be up for learning =)
Snowboarding?: Nope
Been in a real castle?: no =(
Had an eating disorder?: i think i came close...
Been in a car accident?: yes

How Many..
Piercings do you have?: 5 in my ears
Tattoos do you have?: zero
Pets do you have?: 2 cats and baby.. the ugly dog.. lol
People live in your house?: three
Rings you're wearing?: zero.. harry ruined my clatta ring. bastard.

What's Your Favorite..
Color(s)?: pink, black, lime green
Cereal?: cinnamon toast crunch rocks my world
Pajama's?: in the winter - sweats spring/summer - pj pants and tank or tshirt.. or shorts and tank or tshirt.. whichever
State?: jersey girl forever <33
Movie?: the notebook, when harry met sally... lots of others.
TV show?: will and grace <33
Disney movie?: Lady and the Tramp
Soda?: diet coke and diet coke w/lime
Video//PC game?: fuckin old school nintendo.. that was the bomb. LOLOLOL
Way to spend a Saturday?: shopping with mom or being in philly with harry =)
Class in school?: English and History
Ice cream flavor?: chocolate peanut butter
Candy?: m&m's
Lollipop flavor?: dunno...
Teacher?: McGarvey and Curcio <33 the loves of my life... lol
Teacher you have a crush on right now?: ::read above::

What If..
You could go on vacation anywhere. Where would you go?: Italy
You could change your eye color. What would you change it to?: i wouldn't
You could meet any two celebrities. Who would you meet?: debra messing and julia roberts
You could kickass at any sport. Which one would you pick?: baseball
You could date any teacher in your school. Who would you wanna date?: ohhhh my god... McGarvey hands down. ::shudders:: my godddddd... mmmm... lolol

About Your Personality..
Shy or outgoing?: outgoing =)
Do you laugh a lot?: when i'm with the right people ::chews face like homeless person to make harry laugh:: LOLOLOLOLOL good times forever... lolol i <33 philly weekends =)
How can someone tell your laugh isn't fake?: i sometimes snort like grace adler.. lol, i really can't breathe "forreal" lol, i'll turn beat red in the face, i sound like a damn food. lolol
Do you get annoyed easily?: yeah sometimes...
Do you complain a lot?: yeah =/
Do you have a few close friends, or just friends?: a few close ones... =)
Do you get jealous easily?: yes.. that is one of my worst qualities
Do you cry a lot?: no.. or at least i try to hide it most of the time.
Do you cry during movies?: if they get to me, yes
Do you raise your hand in class a lot?: if i know what i'm talking about, then yes. lol
Do you enjoy loud parties with a bunch of your friends?: SURE!! WOO!!!
Do you prefer double dates, or `alone` dates?: alone dates, at first.. i think. lol

In The Last Week Have You..
Eaten pizza?: Nope
Eaten chinese food?: yes!!
Made out?: lol harry was generous enough to give me his lips tonight.. lolol
Thrown up?: Nope
Gone hot tubbing?: No =(
Went shopping?: too poor
Taken a test or quiz?: hmm.. yes
Gone to the doctors?: No
Gone to the dentist?: absolutely not
Seen a movie?: watched a movie at a friend's, yes
Which one?: we watched 10 Things I Hate About You
Got into a big fight with a friend?: No, we're just awesome like that =)
Who?: n/a
Got into a big fight with a close friend?: NO NUCCA!! LOL

Random Questions..
Where were you on Halloween?: in bed with my mommy so she wasn't alone on her birthday.. she was sick =(
What are you doing this weekend?: right now? drinking.. tomorrow? going home =/
Are you in a fight with any of your friends right now?: Nopes
What's your screen name?: heneywoman
What's your favorite name for a girl?: grace =) lol
For a boy?: hmmm i haven't really figured that out yet...
Do you have your own computer?: Not yet.. i want a loptop before college though.
Do you like to watch really scary movies?: Yes
When's the next birthday party you're going to?: beats the ef out of me.
Do you have braces?: nope
What color do you want to dye you hair?: it's gonna be bright red on may 6th! =)
Have you ever cried over a teacher before?: hmm.. when they've REALLY pissed me off? i think so...
Are you gay?: despite popular belief.. no. lol sorry gals, i like the penis too much. LOLOL

Hell yeah sloth!

You scored as Sloth.
















Seven deadly sins
created with QuizFarm.com
I really don't want things to change. I'm scared, but dammit.. I'm going to embrace this. It's not every day that the feeling of happiness consumes me.

I feel like I'm going to throw up! lolol But.. in a good way.

And ya know.. I was reading K Smith's journal about the "simple things." I.E. talking, holding hands, etc. I have to agree. I've missed those "simple things" and it was absolutely amazing to feel that tonight. I can't ever remember being that nervous around a guy.

He makes me so incredibly happy.

I am happy.

A fun thing stolen from Harry...

Duffy Sassafras.. ahahaha that's a good one

Tostitos Dick LOLOLOLOL ahahahaha

Sampler Olive Garden.. okay that doesn't work. lol

EXOTIC FOREIGNER ALIAS: (Favorite Spice + Last Foreign Vacation Spot)
Pepper Jamaica

"FLY GIRL" ALIAS (a la J. Lo): (First Initial + First Two or Three Letters of your Last Name)
L. Hen. ahaha

ICON ALIAS: (Something Sweet Within Sight + Any Liquid in Kitchen)
Chocolate Merlot

DETECTIVE ALIAS: (Favorite Baby Animal + Where You Went to High School)
Kitten Millville <-- me too

BARFLY ALIAS: (Last Snack Food You Ate + Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink)
Wings Morgan. lolol

SOAP OPERA ALIAS: (Middle Name + Street Where You First Lived)
Kristine S.

ROCK STAR ALIAS: (Favorite Candy + Last Name Of Favorite Musician)
Hershey Carrabba

Ahh that was fun.. bleh.


Here is your horoscope
for Sunday, January 9:

You're too nice to someone who doesn't deserve it. Remember the sense of accomplishment you felt the first time you stood on your own feet? Recapture that moment while others figure it out for the first time.

I don't like that. =/

Sooo... John and I went out to Denny's tonight. We talked... a lot. It felt like we talked more than we usually do when we see each other. But.. it was time for some communication. I told him what issues I have.. as he did to me. And it was actually good. It's so good when we talk. But I still feel so fucking lousy about it all. I hate this. Just.. when the hell is it gonna be OUR turn? It's just not fair. Great friends. We're really really great friends and I love our relationship together.. but things (for the both of us) are just not.. I don't know. We're just not ready yet. Mentally, we're not ready. Hell, physically I'm ready! LOLOL No no.. just kidding. That I'm not ready for either. It's just.. tonight at rehearsal, I realized that I still have some things floating around in my head that I just haven't been able to let go of. Ever. Soo.. on the drive home tonight, I was freaking out and I was so nervous because I knew I was going to see John tonight. Well anyway, everyone told me to relax and blah blah blah.. but I was right. As soon as I sat down tonight, he KNEW something was up with me. So therefore, I had to spill my guts. Which was actually good. I'm glad we talked.. I just hate feeling miserable like this. We're still going to hand out and all of that jazz, but.. I don't know. Ugh. I just don't knowwwwww. He told me that if I was ready for a relationship and I had the chance, then I should take it. He doesn't want me to be waiting around for him. He wants me to be happy. But obviously, I don't think I'm ready for anything. Blah. I don't know. I'm just gonna stop trying to make sense of everything. At least we're on the same page, right?

Anyway, rehearsal was alright today. I don't have it tomorrow so I don't have to be back until Wednesday. Holler. Not that I don't mind practices.. but damn.. there's just so much that we still have to learrrrnnnn. It's tedious. But it all sounds good! Whatever.

Ehh. I think I should go. I want to read for a little bit. I'll probably update sometime tomorrow.

Night all.

PS. I really don't like it when people threaten me when I have nothing to do with anything that you're talking about. Thanks.
This wine... wow.. quite possibly THE BEST Merlot I have EVER had. And trust me, I've had a lot of Merlot. LOLOL Hahaha. Mann.. So I didn't do anything tonight. Scratch that.. no wait.. I did.. I drove to Rowan because I felt like driving around the campus and seeing the townhouses. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. I really want to live in one of those next semester. That is.. if I'm accepted. Well anyway.. I'm bored. As usual. Oh did I happen to get a phone call tonight? No of course not. HA! Why would that happen? Ohhhh mann.. I have to stop drinking.

Read more...Collapse )

Yeah. I freaked out over nothing. So sue me. We all do it.


I hate it when I obsess over stupid shit that I shouldn't even be obsessed about. ...Or should I?

Ahh whatever. I'm gonna get back to my skipping "Will and Grace" DVDs. =/ Okay, so it's only the first DVD that skips in the 3rd episode. BUT STILL!! It's one less episode that I get to see! =(

Ohhh blahhh...

I woke up so freakin late today. 3:26. LOLOL Oops. The worst part is, is that mom came home early today. I didn't have the dishes done, the animals weren't fed.. I was still expecting to see her home at around 6ish. Ahh whatever. I still did the dishes anyway. I need to do more around here though. ::sigh:: My sleeping pattern is so screwy.

I'm going to the movies tonight with Spencer and Griffin. We're going to see "Meet the Fockers" as far as I know. It's really the only thing playing right now. Ahh oh well. The only way I'm getting in is with Spence's free ticket thing. I'm so poor. =( LOL I want popcorn. =( Hopefully I'll scrounge up enough change. Haha.. mann..

After that, I think I'm going over to Harry's to watch movies and drink wine. Yay. It should be fun. It's not a "drunk night," but rather, I relaxing night. He could use one of those.

Blehh.. I was just trying to pass the time with this update. Oh well. I have to go and get gas and all that jazz.

Wow this entry was pretty boring. lol Whatever.