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Blaahhhhh PT 2

x\\ spell your name backwards: asil
x\\ have you ever had a song written about you: i don't think so
x\\ what song makes you cry: "All I Ask Of You" ~ Phantom
x\\ what song makes you happy: "When I'm Sixty-Four" ~ The Beatles
x\\ what's your all time fav. song?: ohhhh i don't have just one...
x\\ what do you listen to before you go to sleep: something i can sleep to
x\\ height: 5'6
x\\ hair color: Brown
x\\ piercings: 2 in each ear, and cartiledge in my left
x\\ tattoos: None

Right Now . . .
x\\ what color pants are you wearing: pink velor =)
x\\ what song are you listening to: none
x\\ what taste is in your mouth?: cup o' noodles soup. lol
x\\ whats the weather like?: i don't know if it's raining or not.. but mom said it was getting chilly. whatev.
x\\ how are you?: i'm aight.
x\\ get motion sickness?: ehh sometimes.
x\\ have a bad habit?: i tend to get jealous.. bleh.
x\\ get along with your parents?: yeah pretty much
x\\ boyfriend/girlfriend: i'm... "seeing someone" lol
x\\ have a current crush: John, as always. duh. lol
x\\ have a big regret: Nopes

Favorite . . .
x\\ tv show: Will and Grace, Full House, Boy Meets World, Dawson's Creek...
x\\ conditioner: i don't use conditioner.
x\\ book: anything raymond carver, a tree grows in brooklyn, wicked etc.
x\\ non alchohol drink: water
x\\ alchohol drink: i'm digging the red wine lately. mmmmmmm MMM.
x\\ things to do on the weekend: hang out. lol

Have You Ever . . .
x\\ broken the law: what speed limit? i didn't see a speed limit... lol
x\\ ran away from home: nope
x\\ snuck out of the house: if you count going to wawa in the middle of the night for ice cream, then yes. lololol i'm pathetic.
x\\ ever gone skinny dipping: indeed.
x\\ made a prank phone call: of course.. i grew up with matt heney.
x\\ tipped over a portapotty: NO BUT THAT WOULD BE EFFING HILARIOUS!!! lolol i wanna do it while someone's in it! LOL
x\\ use your parents credit card: noooo.. i have to find my mom's angel card so i can go to vickys! lol
x\\ skipped school before: of course.
x\\ fell asleep in the shower/bath: yes.
x\\ been in a school play: absolutely.
x\\ had a boyfriend/girlfriend: i've had one.
x\\ had children: definitely NOT
x\\ been in love: indeed.
x\\ have a hard time getting over someone: duh.
x\\ been hurt?: yes'm
x\\ gone out with someone you only knew for 3 days: nope

Random . . .
x\\ have a job: no. lol
x\\ your cd player has what in it right now: i believe it's wicked
x\\ if you were a crayon, what color would you be: probably hott pink. lol
x\\ what makes you happy?: the stage, rehearsals.. ahhh =)
x\\ the next CD you're going to buy: dunno. give me money and i'll see what i can do.

When/What Was the Last . . .
x\\ you got a real letter: beats me.
x\\ got an email: aww this afternoon from k smith =)
x\\ thing you purchased: me? purchase? i'm about to purchase gas money but my mom gave me money. oh well. lol
x\\ Tv program you watched: hmm.. room-raiders. lol
x\\ movie you saw in the theaters: the aviator but that's going to change tonight! woot!
x\\ kissed: ooo.. i think that may have been harry, actually. lolol
x\\ hugged: don't know =(
x\\ song heard: dunno
x\\ place you were [ besides home ]: in my car
x\\ phonecall: harry called me =)
x\\ you were depressed: in december sometime.
x\\ you were in the hospital: hmm.. can't remember.

When/What Comes to Mind When You Hear . . .
x\\ car: bomb lolol
x\\ murder: weapon
x\\ cape: fear
x\\ penis: wrinkle LOLOL
x\\ cell: phone
x\\ shoe: box
x\\ fun: times
x\\ crush: me
x\\ music: match
x\\ chalk: board

- smoke?: only on occasion.. yes, i know it's bad. =/
- do drugs?: Nope
- drink?: sometimes.
- sleep with stuffed animals?: yes
- have a crush?: indeed
- have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Not at the moment.
- have a dream that keeps coming back?: No.. but i have been having WEIRD dreams.. last night it was about going on the sr. class trip. ugh.
- play an instrument?: not anymore =(
- believe there is life on other planets?: sure
- read the newspaper?: Sometimes
- have any gay or lesbian friends?: indeed, i do =)
- believe in miracles?: Yes, actually
- consider yourself tolerant of others?: not as much as i used to be.. my god. lol
- consider police a friend or foe?: they can be foes.. bastards.
- like the taste of alcohol?: of course.
- believe in astrology?: i think it's fun.
- believe in magic?: Nahh
- pray?: Not as much as I should <-- me too
- go to church?: read above
- have any secrets?: of course
- have any pets?: yes
- go to or plan to go to college?: i go to college. bleh. lol
- have a degree?: Not yet.
- talk to strangers who instant message you?: sometimes.
- wear hats?: only the ones that look good on me.
- have any piercings?: Yes
- have any tattoos?: Nope
- hate yourself?: nahh
- have a "hot spot"?: if by "hot spot" you mean... well.. "hot spot," then yes. LOL
- wish on stars?: Not anymore
- like your handwriting?: sure
- have any bad habits?: Yes
- believe in witches?: they existed.. soo.. yes.
- believe in Satan: Yes
- believe in ghosts?: Yes, i think so.
- believe in Santa?: No
- believe in the Easter Bunny?: YES! he is REAL dammit.
- believe in the Tooth Fairy?: No
- have a second family?: i have people in my life that are LIKE a second family.. soo.. yes, i guess.
- trust others easily?: Not anymore.
- like sarcasm?: haha yes.
- take walks in the rain?: No, but i want to!
- kiss with your eyes closed?: sometimes i like to switch it up. lol
- sing in the shower?: sometimes..



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