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I rarely ever feel bored. It kinda sucks. Bleh.

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I have absolutely nothing to write about tonight. Bleh. Methinks I'm gonna call it an early night and get to bed ASAP. Of course, I still have laundry to do. Ugh. Oh well. I hate having nothing to do. Whatever.. movies tomorrow night with Griffin and Spencer.. and then maybe something with Harry. Should be good times.

Night all. =)

I really should be in bed...

Tonight was good =)

Soo.. for dinner Mom, John, and I all went out to Friendly's. It was a swell time and then afterwards we were gonna go to the mall because mom and I wanted to stop by Vicky's. Duh. The sale is still going on! lol Anyway, after dinner, mom tried to give John 20 bucks for our meals, but instead it wound up in my hands. Muahaha. With that 20 bucks I proceeded to buy 2 MORE bras. One is white.. because I really need a white bra.. and the other is bright pink with little yellow flowers. It's sooo pretty!! I'm excited because I get to go back tomorrow with Gwen and Laura! YAY!! =) I'm a nut. But Victoria's Secret really is turning into my favorite store. Haha.

Before we got to the mall, myy John happened to call and asked me what I was doing later. The plans were just to go over to see my lover.. Katie Smith. So he told me to give me a call after I was done with that. So anyway...

Katie and I FINALLY got to hang out. It was so good to catch up with her and chit chat about boys. I don't know, but whenever I have a talk with Katie, it just makes me feel good. Listening to her going on about what's been up with her life and with Jason, just makes everything seem right in the world at that moment. She has such a way of explaining things that you can't help but smile at her. I'm so happy for her that things are working out for her the way they are. I LOVE YOU!!! Seriously, I almost cried tonight because I was just so damn happy! Haha. I can't wait to hang out with her again. Yay. =)

At around 10:00, I called John to let him know that I was free and I woke him up. Oops. But later on he told me that we were going to hang out tonight "no matter what." Hehe. It surprised me that he still wanted to see me. Usually, I tend to get a little pissed off if people wake me up.. but yeahh. =) So tonight we went to Denny's and things so far are just so good. We just talked and talked and talked for 2 hours about lots of things and.. I don't know. I feel like a different person when I'm with him. Not that it's a bad thing, I just feel soo much.. better. He makes me feel better. And he's always done that for me. I'm just so glad that we're taking this chance, finally, and yes.. again. Haha. At one point, before we were getting ready to leave, he went over to talk to some people he knew from high school, and as I was watching him all I could do was smile. I actually caught myself doing that a few times. Like, I would stare into space and just smile.. and then I could feel the butterlies in my stomach. He gives me butterflies and it's amazing. =) And yes, I also know that I shouldn't be getting my hopes up about things.. and yeah that's hard.. but I'm doing pretty well with the whole just "going with it" theory. It's good. Life is good for right now.

Ahh.. anyway.. I think I'm gonna get going. I have things to do tomorrow.. tuition, the mall with Gwennie and La, and then rehearsal for "Joseph." Sooo.. yeah. Sounds like a busy day. Gnight guys!

I enjoy this!

Here is your horoscope
for Tuesday, January 4:

Cast aside the problems you've outgrown. Embrace the people who once made you angry. It's a fresh start, and everybody gets a fair chance. This is you at your best. Influential people recognize your value.

Hmm.. Yeahh...

More later guys. =)

Today is...

THE START OF THE VICKY'S SEMI ANNUAL SALE!!! WOOO!! LOL I'm such a girl sometimes. Oh well. Who cares if I get excited over underwear that's on sale? Whatev.. I'm definitely gonna be going there today since I have some left over Christmas money that, of course, needs spending.. and I also need to see my love-dove at work. "Love dove" meaning Harry. lol Friendly's. What a douche. lol

Speaking of douches... Bill Reyes at CCC is such a douche. And of course I couldn't talk to Miss Goodnight today. I NEVER get to talk to her. So they had me talk to him. UGHH. Whatever.. it's all good though. It turns out that I'm okay to take that stupid music course and if I make it through this 19 credit, 6 class semester, I will indeed graduate and get my stupid associates degree. Bastards.

Ya know.. there's something funny about messages through livejournal. Funny meaning stupid and childish.. but ya know, I can keep going. Really, if someone has something they would like to say to me, then by all means.. say it. All I fucking said was to "be safe" on New Year's Eve.. and no, I wasn't directing that at any ONE person. So do me a favor and get over yourself. I'm thinking this whole "livejournal war" thing started on New Year's Eve with me continually saying, "Be careful." I thought things were "okay," but apparently people still have qualms with me that they obviously need to get over because well.. it's OVER. Some people just don't take no for an answer and I'm SICK of being treated like crap about it. And YES you have treated me like crap. Do I need to remind you of the comment you made to me at the Queen that one night? Because really, that did hurt me. So here we go.. now you can go back and call me a hypocrite for all the things I just said and blah blah blah.. like always.. but see, when I tell people to "beware of me" and that "I will hurt you," these people should fucking listen. Really.. what was ever wrong with just being friends? I didn't see harm in that. But no, my dear, you haven't soured anything.. you never do anything wrong.. it's all my fault isn't it? Everything in this situation has always been my fault, right? Fuck that. We both have said hurtful things, we both have backed out on plans.. but I'M the one that's made out to look like an idiot and the "hypocrite." Well, thanks. I don't get it. And I really don't feel like writing anymore about it then I already have. So please, do everyone a favor and move on. I'm really not that great, obviously and hello, I've always said that you deserved better. Go out there and find it.. because yeah.. she's out there. I'm just SICK of this whole mess and no one needs it.

So anyway... I think I'm just gonna get going. I want to go over the the mall and spend some more money. Woo hoo. Bye all =)

I love that city...

Ahh.. Philly was amazing. We had a really great time and the show was beatiful. I wanted to cry at the end of Acts I and II just because it was so freakin... beautiful! lol I would definitely go see that again. Of course it was different, but we were "expanding our horizons." Hahaha. Man.. But anyway, I told Harry that I want to see an Opera now. That'd be fun!

I'm exhausted.

After the show, Harry and I decided to go over to the Olive Garden and get salad and breadsticks. We were making our drink orders and Harry ordered wine. I turned to him and said, "Oh yeah.. I forgot you were 21!" And then.. somehow, we managed to order a glass for myself just by saying, "Oh.. I left my ID back at the hotel." LOLOL He had white wine and I had red wine. Ohhh mannn.. it was THE BEST freakin red wine I have ever had! We only had a glass but I realized, today was the third day in a row that I had alcohol. LOLOLOL Oops. Ahh oh well. It was just.. so much fun. I couldn't even put a word on how great this weekend was. Ahh.. =) Thanks, love!

Hmmmm... so after I signed off last night, my cell phone went off and it happened to be John. =) That's always a good thing.. well.. these days, apparently. lol Man. But anyway, he told me that he has something important to tell me. Actually, he started it out with his usual, "We gotta talk" bit. ::sigh:: I told him that those words always scare me.. especially when I hear it from him. It's never a good sign if he says that. But he told me not to worry and that it's something good. So I said, "Well.. can't you just tell me now? It's gonna worry me anyway and I want to know. It's gonna bother me all day." And he was like, "For this.. it's better if I tell you in person." UGGHHHH!!!! I hate this! So this morning, when Harry and I went to Cosi, we sat down and my stomach started to tie up into one huge knot. It was horrible. That was at around 11:00.. and my knots didn't go away until.. hmm.. when we finally sat down at the Olive Garden at around.. maybe 3ish. That's a long, long time for some stomach pains. During the show, my phone started vibrating and it was John.. left me a voicemail.. blah blah blah. I called him back during intermission and he said he'd call back later. In that time, I turned to Harry as we were getting on the elevator to go back to our seats and showed him that BOTH of my hands were shaking. And I don't mean just a little bit. They were.. yeah. They were pretty bad. So at dinner, John called me back and I told him what he's been putting me through. I was like, "Do you REALIZE what you're doing to me?! My stomach has been in HUGE knots since 11:00 this morning and my HANDS were shaking at the show.. can you just tell me?" And to which he replied, "Tell you what?" LOLOL I was like, "No you're kidding." He started to laugh and just said, "I don't want you to fret over this.. it's fine." UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! LOL Soo.. I'm guessing I'm finding out tomorrow. I'm just.. really really nervous and I'm not trying to get all excited about it. But, it really can't be helped by this point. I guess I've liked him for longer than I thought. During our "falling out" periods I sort of just.. kept him in the back of my mind.. so now.. I don't know. I'm so freakin nervous. But I must say, I haven't felt this way in a long time. It's an insecure feeling, but it can also be a fun feeling! lol I'm nuts. We shall see what he has in store for my little mind (and heart?) tomorrow.. ::sigh::

Anyway.. I think I'm gonna get going. Perhaps I'll just go up to bed and start reading one of my new books. I'm such a book fiend, I love it! Plus, I must also call "the boy" back. =)

Gnight everyone.

I love Harry...

Wow people are assholes. Oh well, I guess.

In other news, Harry and I are spending the night in Philly! Since curtain for "The Nutcracker" is at 12, he decided to be spontaneous and get a room for the night. We're at the Residence Inn Marriott right across from City Hall. We're on the top floor and it's just SO much fun!! There's a queen size bed, a sofa with a pull out bed, a KITCHEN, a refridgerator.. ahh there's all types of fun gadgets in here. It's just.. perfect. Tonight is a night we both have been needing for a very long time. Harry brought his wine and his aftershock. He's not here right now.. he's out roaming the streets with 2 very hott boys. I figured I would let him be with them for awhile.. besides, they're gay, I'm tired, and.. quite frankly, I don't feel like walking. LOL Oh well. As we were going to the hotel, he was like, "God Lisa.. it feels like our honeymoon." And I was like, "Yeah I know! It's.. scary isn't it?" HAHA! But this is seriously good times. He made pasta, we have wine, and we're listening to RENT. It's just perfect. Yay =) And TOMORROW is "NUTCRACKER!" I'm so damn excited about that. Harry wants to stay up all night but I was like, "No! I will NOT doze off tomorrow!" lolol Andddd.. we're getting up for breakfast. =) YAY!!! It's just so.. relaxing. =) I haven't been in this good a mood in a long, long time. And since Harry had a rough New Year's Eve, this is good for him.

Last night was good times! For it being the first party I have ever thrown with a friend, it was alright. I was with close friends and there wasn't any other place I would not have rather been. My favorite memories were when I was getting my back rubbed, discussing certain people's penis sizes 15 minutes before the ball dropped, the 3 way kiss between me, Fonzi, and Stacie at midnight, yelling at the random guy who showed up.. LOLOLOL.... Stacie and I taking the first shot of Morgan and gagging all over the place.. LOLOL mann.. craziness.. waking up and realizing I took pictures but not having a clue of what any of them were.. ahh.. mann.. it was a really good night. Thanks to all of you who DID decide to show up. Happy 2005 everyone.

Weeelll.. I better get going.. I think we're gonna drink more wine and settle down and watch TV. I might even take a bath. YAY!

Gnight everyone.



Haha.. I'm updating again. But this time it's in honor of New Year's Eve.. I've starred the ones that apply to me. Enjoy!!

You Know You Drink Too Much When...

Your doctor finds traces of blood in your alcohol stream.

The back of your head keeps getting hit by the toilet seat.

The parking lot seems to have moved while you were in the bar

When you go to donate blood and they ask what proof?

*You think the Four Basic Food Groups are Caffeine, Nicotine, Alcohol, and Hotties.

You have a "happy hour" at home

*When you are sober, people ask you what's wrong?

You spend all night making a board game called Alcohol Land

*Although you drove home the other night you can't remember how you got home or where you parked your car

"Hi ocifer. I'm not under the affluence of incohol."

Your favorite drink is ethanol.

*"Why does everybody think I have a prinking droblem?! - I don't have a prinking droblem!"

"I don't have a drinking prob..pleb..prub.. *hic* Pash me another, tarbender."

*You can spend a whole night holding up walls to prevent their (your) collapse.

*You instinctively know where the alcohol is in a store you've never been in before

Clubs raise their drink prices because you haven't attended in a while

You think beer and ramen make a good breakfast

You frequently urinate outdoors.

*When you first wake up and you're afraid you're gonna die and a half-hour later you're afraid you won't.

You fall asleep taking a dump.

*You believe that spilling a beer is alcohol abuse.

*You go to the john to hurl, but you take your beer with you.

You find it's easier to study drunk.

You're on a first name basis at the detoxification center.

*Beer ads make sense.

*You wake up to the sound of your dog drinking out of the toilet and you're so dry that it sounds mighty thirst quenching.

You wake the next morning and start drinking a few of the half empties left sitting around the room.

The space on your driver's license that tells your eye color reads "bloodshot".

*You fall down a flight of steps and DON'T spill a drop of your beer.

You mix your cocktails by the litre.

You grow a beard because it stops beer that's running down your chin.

You put off urinating in hopes of reaching that near orgasmic Zen-like piss.

When the bottle says 20 standard drinks but you only get 5.

You spell Alcohol with a capital letter out of respect

*You lose arguments with inanimate objects.

*You have to hold onto the lawn to keep from falling off the earth

Your career won't progress beyond Senator from Massachusettes.

24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case - coincidence?? - I think not!

*Two hands and just one mouth... - now THAT'S a drinking problem!

"Norm!" is what they say when you enter the bar.

You can focus better with one eye closed

The parking lot seems to have moved while you were in the bar

*You fall off the floor.

You discover in the morning that liquid cleaning supplies have mysteriously disappeared.

*Hey, 5 beers has just as many calories as a burger, screw dinner!

Beer: it's not just for breakfast anymore.

*The glass keeps missing your mouth.

Vampires get woozy after bitting you.

At AA meeting you begin: "Hi, my name is... uh..."

Your idea of cutting back is less seltzer.

You wake up in the bedroom, your underwear is in the bathroom, you fell asleep clothed. - hmm.

Every night you're beginning to find your roomate's cat more and more attractive.

If you're on a diet, you cut back your food calories to allow for alcohol calories.

*"Take me drunk, I'm home!"

You wake up naked lying in the corner of a bus depot.

*You drink to get over a hangover.

*You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends who drink too much.


And for the THIRD time.. everyone be safe and have a good one!! =)
Killing time.. again, don't be stupid tonight. Fuckers. lol

[10] Friends That You Spent Good Times With... (i don't know if i have 10 friends..)
1. Let's see... Harry
2. Stacie
3. Laura
4. K Smith this past summer
5. Gwen.. definitely Gwen
6. Jim.. LOLOLOL
7. Noa.. Noa was good freakin times
8. Fonzi.. and a lot more lately too =) yay
9. Michelle Brown.. hot tubs.. lol
10. Hmm.. and I'm gonna say John. yay i made 10!

[9] Songs You Really Liked This Year...
1. This Love - Maroon 5
2. Anything Dashboard
3. Giving it Away - Mae
4. Ocean Ave. - YellowCizard lol
5. Piano Man - Billy Joel
6. Scenes From an Italian Restaurant - Billy Joel =(
7. Definitely the Strip Tease in "Gypsy" lolol yay!!
8. The theme song to "Will and Grace" AKA Stacie's ringtone! LOL
9. Anything from musicals

[8] Things That You Hated This Year...
1. Drama at the beginning of the year
2. Ew.. drama at the end of the year.. effers
3. George Bush being re-elected
4. Environmental Science and CCC continually dicking me over
5. Harry and Laura going to Stockton.. actually.. once I got used to it it wasn't so bad...
6. Being left with just memories at the end of the summer.. ::sigh::
7. Stupid fights that shouldn't have ever happened.. oh well
8. ugh.. losing John even as a friend.. I'm glad we're past that.

[7] Memorable Moments...
1. "Gypsy"
2. John taking me to OC for our first date
3. all of the parties.. lol mann good times
4. FINALLY FINALLY quitting my job
5. Getting an A in Short Story and ending the semester with a 3.0
6. Ha.. Stacie having to bribe me with food to get finals done.. lolol
7. Stockton

[6] Movies You Watched...
1. lolol "The Grudge"
2. "Phantom of the Opera"
3. "A Christmas Story"
4. "Dare to Love Me"
5. I watched a lot of "Halloween" movies.. I hate them. lol Mike Myers scares the crap out of me!
6. "The Aviator"

[5] T.V. Shows You Watched...
1. Will and Grace
2. Full House lolol
3. Boy Meets World whatever.. I still love that show!
4. Dawson's Creek
5. Saved By The Bell

[4] Things You Got For The Holidays...
1. Pink Coat and Purse <-- YAY ME TOO!
2. a pink velor hoodie suit
3. a leopard robe
4. a shot glass.. and yes, I'm using that tonight.

[3] Places You Went To...
1. NYC
2. Stockton

[2] Friends You Really Want To Thank...
1. Harry
2. Stacie/Laura.. haha I added 3 kiss my ass

[1] Favorite Day Of The Year 2004...
1. hmm.. good question.. I'm gonna say the day the cast list went up. It was in May.

Farewell 2004, farewell...

I doubt I'll have a chance to update tomorrow since I'll be stressing about the party business... since people have been BAILING on me and Stacie.. but.. ya know, whatever. We have spent about $100 in alcohol, soo you know what I say to them? SUCKS TO BE YOU.

So yeahh.. basically, I just can't stand it when people can't seem to commit themselves to ANYTHING. And I'm NOT talking about relationships right now.. so before I get called a "hypocrite," I figured I would cover my own ass first. If someone says to you that they're gonna do something for you and then YOU, YOURSELF, have to find out if the person is still going to go through with their plans, and THEN the person just BAILS on you.. you better believe it that I would be pissed off. And yes, I'm pissed off. And it's not just the fact that things got fucked up.. but it's the fact that I had to find out for myself instead of the person telling ME about it. Fuck that.

Wow.. a lot of people have been pissing me off lately. You people really suck. Indeed.. yes.

So anyway...

Stacie and I managed to get the whole house decorated tonight. It looks so freakin great! I don't care if a lot of people don't show up. Fuck them.. we're gonna have fun and that just means more alcohol for me. Yay. But anyway, there are lights all over the walls, hell, there are even lights in the bathroom! It's so exciting! Instead of mistletoe, Stacie bought little snowflake decorations instead. We hung up about... 5 of those downstairs.. soo.. that's what we'll be kissing under. Yay =) It's so pretty! I'm proud of us.

And since no one seems to want to come to this little shin-dig, Stace and I only got ONE fucking bag of chips and ONE fucking bag of pretzels. If any of you bitches complains that there isn't enough food, then screw you.. Bring your own damn food. We've spent enough money that's gonna probably end up going to waste anyway. *Ahem*.. MONEY THAT I DON'T HAVE. But anyway... I'll be bringing in the New Year with my best friends. Soo.. whatever. That's all I need and besides.. I partied with those same people all year so it's all good.

I think I might be a little bit sad saying good-bye to 2004. This was a big year for me. I'm going into 2005 not knowing what to expect. This time last year, I made plans for myself. I sought things out and I got them. And I just *knew* this year would be one of *my* years. And it truly was. That's why I'm a little bit sad to let go of it. 2005 kind of scares me in a way. I'm going into this year.. just.. not knowing. I don't know a damn thing. That kind of terrifies me. I guess.. I'll just have to wait and see what happens. That's sort of new for me. Hmm.. I kind of like that. For 2005, I guess I'm just.. hoping.. and also waiting for something good to come to me. Something really good.

Which reminds me.. I must call John some time today and convince him to come to my party.. yes yes.. =) I must say.. I hate the boy sometimes. Hahaha.

Gnight everyone and be safe tonight! Don't be stupid.