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This wine... wow.. quite possibly THE BEST Merlot I have EVER had. And trust me, I've had a lot of Merlot. LOLOL Hahaha. Mann.. So I didn't do anything tonight. Scratch that.. no wait.. I did.. I drove to Rowan because I felt like driving around the campus and seeing the townhouses. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. I really want to live in one of those next semester. That is.. if I'm accepted. Well anyway.. I'm bored. As usual. Oh did I happen to get a phone call tonight? No of course not. HA! Why would that happen? Ohhhh mann.. I have to stop drinking.

1. hmm.. 8 people? make ME happy? this could be tough.. okay.. umm.. Harry
2. Stace
3. La
4. K Smith
5. umm.. aww Fonzi.. yay.. I'm glad we're becoming closer =)
6. mommy
7. debra messing
8. eric mccormack.. WHAT?! They count don't they? oh ::sigh::
9. fine.. john. john makes me SUPER DUPER HAPPY! YAY! lol wow.. ::drinks::

NINE PEOPLE WHO YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IN FOREVER (or forever in your mind):
1. Stacie =(
2. Laura
3. K Smith.. well I know last week.. but still.. lol
4. Fonzi
5. damnn.. i need to make plans with people.. lol umm.. wow.. i got nothin

1. graduate college.. god willing
2. become successful at some sort of career
3. go to a wine tasting event.. lol yessss.. ::takes sip, swishes in mouth, lets sit on tongue, swallows, inhales.. experiences bliss from a glass:: WOW LOLOL
4. write a book
5. tour europe
6. live in philly.. possibly
7. have enough money to actually GET an apartment
8. fall in love, get married (?) blah blah blah

1. Debra Messing.. she's like.. my idol right now
2. Gypsy Rose Lee
3. Raymond Carver
4. Robert DeNiro
5. Julia Roberts
6. the makers of this wine.. lolol
7. yo man.. i'm fucking pissed off rigt now.. holy shit.

1. came home from harry's..
2. started watching my "W&G" dvds =)
3. shower
4. talked to john.. LORD KNOWS where he is right now since he hasn't called me yet..
5. went to dinner
6. just finished watching disc 2.. and umm.. poured myself a glass of merlot b/c i effing WANT/NEED it. lolol

1. harry on the internet
2. matt heney on the phone
3. mom on the phone
4. spencer on the phone
5. john.. well.. wait.. last time i talked to him was this afternoon! i'm sensing a pattern here.. al;ksjdflkajsdlkfjwouira0w98ur098

2. whatever i don't know...

1. i'm fine with who i am, thanks.

1. ya know.. i've been sitting here for a good five minutes just thinking about SHIT.. and i don't feel like answering this question.

1. well gee.. i don't know.. he went to the movies tonight with this girl from work and he hasn't called me.. who ELSE would i be thinking about? (OTHER THAN MY GAY BEST FRIEND B/C I'M THINKING ABOUT HIM TOO!)

[The Basics]
Full name: Lisa Kristine Heney
Date of birth: 07/29/87 <--- wow.. this chick has the same bday as me! yay!! cept mine was in 85.. bitz.
Gender: Female
Location: Millville
Ethnicity: lots of things
Zodiac sign: Leo
Reason for taking survey: stressing the ef out

[Going Deeper]
If any, name any phobias you have: spiders, closed in spaces...
If you could come from any country that wasn't your own, what would it be: italy or france
Do you drink: indeed ::raises glass::
Do you smoke: Not really, no.
If so, when did you start smoking: my first cigarette was at 18
If any, what drugs have you done: None
Name every country that your Internet friends originate from or live in: blah blah
Now do the same for your family: no
Are you a junk food person or a healthy eater: i'm both.. mostly junk. oops.
Living arrangements: mom and dad
Name any pets you have: 2 dogs, 2 cats
Siblings: 2 older brothers
Do you like your school: ehh.. i want to get out of there.. what does that tell you?
What is your favourite class: English
What is your least favourite: anything that bores me because of a boring prof
What genre of movie do you prefer: romantic comedy
What movies from that genre do you like the most: mostly my julia flicks
Are you a gamer: ehh.. not really
If so, what games do you play: i wanna get me some old school nintendo. that's what i'm all about. hell yeah mario 3!
What music genre do you listen to the most: punk, rock, broadway
Name some bands/artists you like: mae, dashboard, yellowcard, maroon 5, blah blah blah blah BLAH
If you could eliminate the existence of one band/artist, which one would you choose: Ashlee Simpson <-- agreed
Are you into self categorization? If so, what would you call yourself: hott

Time of the year: summer
Friend: i don't have a favorite, assmunch
Family member: matt heney, hands down. lol
Animal: dogs and cats
Sweet food: Chocolate
Savoury food: mmmm italian
Spicy food: spanish or buffalo wings. lol
Country: the good old US of A
Colour: pink
Sitcom: will and grace.. it's my effing life.
Cartoon: The Simpsons, Family Guy
TV channel: TBS "very funny" lolol, disney, family channel.. yeah get the hell off it.
Pastime: drinking.. oh i mean.. umm.. i don't know. lol
Drug: effexor. LOLOLOLOLOL YES!!!
Fictional book: "Wicked"
Non-fictional book: i don't knowwwww
Romance movie: you've got mail
Sci-fi movie: oh get the hell out of here.. does ET count? LOLOL
Action movie: speed
Historical drama movie: the aviator.. mm.. leo.
Horror movie: scream, i guess. ::takes sip::
Music genre: punk, rock, broadway
Artists from that genre: we've been through this...
Porno: harry's porn. ahahaha.
Anime: the gay anime porn that harry sent me. LOL i LOVE it!
Magazine: i don't know
Games console: bleh
Website: livejournal.com
Swear word: shit, fuck.. ya know.. all the good ones.
Ice-cream flavour: anything with chocolate and peanut butter
Clothing brand, if any: old navy, AE, gap.. i can't afford SHIT right now... but, ya know.
Store: Vicky's
Place to relax: Home or at harry's
Place to shop: Mall <-- ew.
Place to party: anywhere.. right here is fine with me! i've got my own party! wooo!!! ::sip::

[Beliefs & Opinions]
What is your opinion on...
The War on Terror: it's a bunch of bullshit.
Abortion: pro-whatever... meaning... i think a woman should have the right to choose.. HOWEVER, i don't know what i would do in that situation because i know if i chose abortion, i would feel guilty and yadda yadda yadda.. BUT.. i still think it's up to the WOMAN to decide. ef men. they're not pushing some watermelon out of a thing that's the size of a lemon. assholes. LOLOLOL
The Illuminati: what?
Capital Punishment: definitely definitely go for it. they should die the same way they killed their victims.. and don't give me this shit about using the "insanity card" that woman should drown just like she drowned her 5 babies.
Music/Movie Piracy: ehh... dunno.
Satanism: whatever floats your boat
Communism: great concept.. wouldn't work here. oh well.
Child Abuse: umm.. against. hello capital punishment? lol
Rape: ok, this is just retarded.. against.
Christmas: ehh i enjoy it. it gets harder as i get older though.
Third World Debt: don't know much about it.
Smoking: whatev.
Libertarianism: indeed.
Republicans: but.. you're still entitled to your opinions, i s'pose.
Outsourcing: nahh.
White Pride: lololol
White Power (they're different, y'know): LOLOLOLOL
Racism in general: LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL ahahah mann.. this is terrible.
Feminism: what the ef ever.
Gay Marriage: GO FOR IT!! GO GAYS! YES!!
Nuclear warfare: ;alskejflkwjo9uqr0u8q2iepor
Animal Testing: ehh.. dunno about that one.

Do you believe in...
God: yes'm
A counter-god, or devil: the devil, yes.
Reincarnation: don't.. know. hmm.
The Soul: what soul? my soul?
Evolution: indeed
Angels: maybe
Karma: possibly

Do you celebrate Christmas: Yes
How do you celebrate your birthday: dinner, usually.
What is your religion: lutheran
Does your family have any special customs: traditions, yes.
Have you ever converted from another religion or atheism: no
Are you a vegetarian: please.. this fatty? c'mon now.

[For the Older Kids, Sex!]
Are you a virgin: No
If applicable, did you like your first time: ehh... okay fine.. it was still a good experience.
Ever given head: indeed
Ever recieved head: well you mean "ever recieved oral" and yes.
Ever done anal: ugh.. no.
Does S&M appeal to you: not really.
Do you watch pornography: only if harry lets me peek. lol
How often do you masturbate: hmm.. dunno.. let me keep track next time. lol
Ever had sex whilst drunk: Nope.
Do you regret any sexual incidents that occurred on your part: no.. i don't regret.
Do you consider yourself sexually attractive: surely
Favourite sexual position: oh get the hell out of here! lolol
Tell us about any of your personal beliefs regarding sex: you can have sex before marriage. lololol

[Your Love Life]
Are you in a relationship right now: i don't know what the fuck it is. STOP PRESSURING ME!
Describe your current, or most recent relationship: he better call me tomorrow.. that's all i'm saying.. mannnn i'm so mad.
Are you, or have you ever been in love: Yes
What's your sexual orientation: Straight
Are you, or do you plan on getting married: probably not. lol
Do you believe in soul-mates: I don't know.
Do you think long-distance love is possible: yeah but i wouldn't be able to do that. i freak out over 3 days! lol
Could you see yourself being unfaithful: ehh.. it could happen but i wouldn't want it to.
What do you notice about the opposite sex first: Eyes and smile
Biggest turn-ons: someone who can make me laugh, someone who is interested in what i have to say, listens, blah blah blah
Biggest turn-offs: assholes, liars, ya know.. all that fun stuff.
Taller or shorter than you: Taller
Ever broken someone's heart: beats me.
Has someone ever broken yours: Yes
Do/would you have children: only if it's with harry. lol
Any relationship beliefs (such as Gorean philosophy, etc): what?

[Your Bad Side]
Do you steal, or have you stolen: only from friends.. oh.. and this wine. lol
If so, was it from a store or a person you know: blah blah
Have you been intimate with someone else's significant other: not... really. no. wait.. LOLOLOL yes.. i have. wow.. i almost skipped right over that one. whoops!
Do you take advantage of other peoples' kindness: no
Have you lied to your parents: indeed =/
Do you get jealous easily: ohhhh i'm starting to.
Do you have a bad temper: when i get started.. yes
Have you ever made someone cry: hmm.. not in a bad way..
Ever physically hurt someone: dunno.. oh my god! a phone call!!! it's amazing what one can do with a cell phone these days! LOLOL omg.. i'm terrible.
Do you consider yourself racist: i can be. =/
Must you always seek vengeance: LOLOL of course. like that phone conversation. i was a little bitchy. i was like, "oh and i'm not mad" and he was like, "why would you be." "umm.. i'm not mad" LOLOLOL ::fucking finishes wine::

[This or That] Skipping this part
Alcohol or Marijuanna: alcohol
Coca-Cola or Pepsi: diet coke with lime
A quiet evening at home or a wild night out: in between.. if you can do that.
Extreme intelligence or unbelievable beauty: intelligence, i guess. no no.. in between.
A permanent, stable relationship or an insane sex life: stable relationship
Christmas without gifts, or Christmas without everything else: w/out gifts
Rock or Rap: rock
The ability to fly or the ability to be invisible: invisible
Hearing or seeing: ugh.. umm.. seeing, i guess.
Depression or anxiety: anxiety.. but wait.. they go hand in hand with one another.
Immortality without the ability to die, or mortality: immortality.. maybe.
Death by freezing, or burning: ugh.. umm.. freezing.. sure you're cold.. but your heart just stops so it's all good! LOL
Death by suffocation or being stabbed: i'd take a gun.
Lots of acquaintances or a few close friends: few close friends.
To be a singer or an actor/actress: actress.
Eternal day or eternal night: eternal night
X-Ray vision or psychic abilities: psychic abilities
Sweet or savoury: savoury
To never sleep or to never eat: to never sleep!
To eat as much as you want or to sleep as much as you want: if i don't gain weight.. to eat as much as i want.. definitely.
World domination or infinite knowledge of all things: ew neither.
Britney Spears or Christina Aquilera: britney
Bush or Kerry: KERRY.
To enslave or to be enslaved: neither.
To resort to cannibalism or to die: die.

[The Last]
Person you talked to: john. finally.
Person you argued with: almost with john.. but.. i didn't. bleh.
Person you hugged: harry probably.
Person you kissed: beats me.
Person you texted: No one b/c i can't do that =(
Phonecall: john.
Thing you ate: wings
Thing you drank: merlot
Time you showered: this afternoon
Time you told someone you loved them: right now online w/harry
Time someone said they loved you: read above
Time you laughed: when i was watching my will and grace dvds =)
Time you vomited: when i got drunk at andrews.. bleh.. i had a dream last night that i was vomiting.
Paycheck: umm.. yeah about those...
Time you had sex: August. bleh.
TV show you watched: will and grace <33
Song you listened to: the theme song to will and grace. LOLOL
Movie you watched: meet the fockers
Dream you had: i was puking. puking green. ew. lolol
Time you got drunk: new years
Party you went to: new years
Item of clothing you bought: mmm.. sexy panties from vickys
Person you would sleep with: *no comment*

[Have You Ever Been Called]
Bitch: of course
Bastard: i think so
Beautiful: Yeah.
Talented: Yes
A waste of space: yes. LOL
Liar: yes
Geek: yup
Nerd: indeed
Loser: I call MYSELF that!
Peculiar: don't think so
Intelligent: ehh.. can't remember.
Skinny: when i WAS skinny
Fat: hahah yes.
Pretty: Yes
Preppy: no
Goth: no
Emo: Yes
Grunger: No
Fiend: yes. lol
Innovative: nahh.. i've been called lazy though. lol
Weirdo: of course
Stupid: harry.. all the time.. "you stupid bitch" "you dumb bitch" lol
Retarded: ahahaha YES
Annoying: mm hmm
Freak: yup
Brat: Yes
Minger: No
Cute: Yeah
Interesting: yes
Boring: no.
Slut: lol yes
Whore: uh huh
Whoreface: LOLOL no
Skank: ew no
Asshole: nahh
Shitface: yup
Ugly: indeed
Disgusting: yes
Shithead: mm hmm
Cock: yeah. lol
Tit: nope
Twat: YES! harry! lol

[Totally Random] Skipping this too
Tell us the first thing you'd do with a million dollars: go to vickys
Why is the sky blue: why is the grass green?
Do you consider yourself to be romantic: yes.. when given the damn chance.
What's the best thing somebody has ever said about you: blah blah
What do you think of P.E.T.A: don't know
What do you think of South Park: awesome.
Is religious fundamentalism a good idea: don't know
Do you like candles: yes
Do you think emo people are idiots: no
Do you think goths are idiots: no
Do you think people who take ridiculously long surveys are idiots: no. lol
Do you believe men and women are truly equal: nope
Do you read books very much: i try to
Do people consider you to be a bookworm: yeah.. but what i really do is just collect books to LOOK smart. LOL
Describe your mother: it would take too long. lol
What's one thing you would change about your body: my tummy =(
Would you kill one child to save the lives of 1000 children: depends.
What one thing would a person have to do to deserve death: kill another human being.
The most romantic thing somebody's ever done for you: hmm.. umm.. how bout.. umm.. nothing? yeah nothing.
Do you use IRC: no
Do you use bittorrent: no
What P2P programs do you use: blah blah
Have you ever skydived: no
List three things you want to do before you die: we've discussed this
The world ends and you can only save three people and yourself. Who would you save: i don't knowwwwwwww
If you could kick anyone's ass, who would it be: harry's. oh wait.. i can kick his ass.. umm... hmm don't know.
If you could sleep with anyone in the world, who would it be: noo
Are you bored of this survey yet: yes, actually
What is the meaning of life: to give life meaning.

Yeah. I freaked out over nothing. So sue me. We all do it.



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