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The Average Day..
Starts at ____ o' clock.: i'm gonna say around 10 AM on weekdays and whenever on weekends
First thing I think when I wake up is: "do I really have to go to class today?"
The first thing I usually do is..: shower
If I eat breakfast, it's usually..: something small, like a breakfast bar...
I get in the shower no later than..: 9:30 on mon and wed and 8 on tues and thurs.. whenever on weekends
I wash my ____ first.: arms.. lol
And I wash my ____ last.: hair
I'm usually on the computer by..: whenever
If I leave the house, I'm going to..: school, dinner, coffee.. whatev.. stalking.. lolol
I eat lunch by ____ o' clock.: lunch? i laugh at that word. as if i have money.
For lunch, I usually eat//drink..: if i have 50 cents on me then pretzel bites. lol
It usually takes me ____ to get ready.: half hour to an hour
I usually spend _____ on the computer.: till forever

As For Today..
I woke up at..: noon.
have eaten..: 3 cups of cinnamon toast crunch w/out milk, and vegitarian chinese.. mmmm <3 philly
I have gone to..: philly... vegitarian chinese restaurant, phag but it was closed, giovanni's room, and harry's apt. =)
I've been on the computer for..: dunno.. i'm drinking.. i know nothing. lol
I have been to these websites --: hotmail, livejournal, myspace
I am wearing..: old navy pj pants, lime green tanks, vickys underwear
My hair is..: up in a ponytail
I wish I was..: making out with either jake, justin, or john from rowan =/ LOLOL

I plan on waking up at..: probably late... lol
Spend my day doing..: hanging out with harry when he comes home from work, then driving back home =(
Talking to..: whomever
Listening to..: whatever
Thinking of..: these 3 boys that i currently have crushes on.. lolol my life is amazing <33
Laughing about..: whatever i find is amusing...
Getting angry about..: Uhm, people sucking. <--- great answer...

If You HAD To Choose..
Having the flu, or having a cold?: cold
Piercings all over your face, or piercings `everywhere` else?: ew neither...
Failing a class, or getting suspended?: getting suspended.. but hey, i'm in college so that doesn't happen to me anymore! woo! lol
Having to sit in a tub of snakes, or having to eat a tub of snakes?: sit
Eating a super-moldy peach, or drinking a glass of super-spoiled milk?: peach probably
Dying, or losing your memory?: i think dying.. yeah.
Going schitzo or being a mass murderer?: lolol mass murderer.. lololol

Have You Ever..
Been stood up?: yes
Had your Wisdom Teeth removed?: No
Played an instrument, and sucked at it?: i've had lessons.. but not piano.. i can still pick at it though and play melodies. get off it.
Seen a UFO?: i think so
Pulled an all-nighter?: haha yes.. college forever...
Been drunk?: umm.. duh. lol yes.
Been high?: No
Been giving a speeding ticket?: yes
Eaten octopus or squid?: i.. don't think so.. hmm
Been to a play?: of course =)
Gone surfing?: No... but i'd be up for learning =)
Snowboarding?: Nope
Been in a real castle?: no =(
Had an eating disorder?: i think i came close...
Been in a car accident?: yes

How Many..
Piercings do you have?: 5 in my ears
Tattoos do you have?: zero
Pets do you have?: 2 cats and baby.. the ugly dog.. lol
People live in your house?: three
Rings you're wearing?: zero.. harry ruined my clatta ring. bastard.

What's Your Favorite..
Color(s)?: pink, black, lime green
Cereal?: cinnamon toast crunch rocks my world
Pajama's?: in the winter - sweats spring/summer - pj pants and tank or tshirt.. or shorts and tank or tshirt.. whichever
State?: jersey girl forever <33
Movie?: the notebook, when harry met sally... lots of others.
TV show?: will and grace <33
Disney movie?: Lady and the Tramp
Soda?: diet coke and diet coke w/lime
Video//PC game?: fuckin old school nintendo.. that was the bomb. LOLOLOL
Way to spend a Saturday?: shopping with mom or being in philly with harry =)
Class in school?: English and History
Ice cream flavor?: chocolate peanut butter
Candy?: m&m's
Lollipop flavor?: dunno...
Teacher?: McGarvey and Curcio <33 the loves of my life... lol
Teacher you have a crush on right now?: ::read above::

What If..
You could go on vacation anywhere. Where would you go?: Italy
You could change your eye color. What would you change it to?: i wouldn't
You could meet any two celebrities. Who would you meet?: debra messing and julia roberts
You could kickass at any sport. Which one would you pick?: baseball
You could date any teacher in your school. Who would you wanna date?: ohhhh my god... McGarvey hands down. ::shudders:: my godddddd... mmmm... lolol

About Your Personality..
Shy or outgoing?: outgoing =)
Do you laugh a lot?: when i'm with the right people ::chews face like homeless person to make harry laugh:: LOLOLOLOLOL good times forever... lolol i <33 philly weekends =)
How can someone tell your laugh isn't fake?: i sometimes snort like grace adler.. lol, i really can't breathe "forreal" lol, i'll turn beat red in the face, i sound like a damn food. lolol
Do you get annoyed easily?: yeah sometimes...
Do you complain a lot?: yeah =/
Do you have a few close friends, or just friends?: a few close ones... =)
Do you get jealous easily?: yes.. that is one of my worst qualities
Do you cry a lot?: no.. or at least i try to hide it most of the time.
Do you cry during movies?: if they get to me, yes
Do you raise your hand in class a lot?: if i know what i'm talking about, then yes. lol
Do you enjoy loud parties with a bunch of your friends?: SURE!! WOO!!!
Do you prefer double dates, or `alone` dates?: alone dates, at first.. i think. lol

In The Last Week Have You..
Eaten pizza?: Nope
Eaten chinese food?: yes!!
Made out?: lol harry was generous enough to give me his lips tonight.. lolol
Thrown up?: Nope
Gone hot tubbing?: No =(
Went shopping?: too poor
Taken a test or quiz?: hmm.. yes
Gone to the doctors?: No
Gone to the dentist?: absolutely not
Seen a movie?: watched a movie at a friend's, yes
Which one?: we watched 10 Things I Hate About You
Got into a big fight with a friend?: No, we're just awesome like that =)
Who?: n/a
Got into a big fight with a close friend?: NO NUCCA!! LOL

Random Questions..
Where were you on Halloween?: in bed with my mommy so she wasn't alone on her birthday.. she was sick =(
What are you doing this weekend?: right now? drinking.. tomorrow? going home =/
Are you in a fight with any of your friends right now?: Nopes
What's your screen name?: heneywoman
What's your favorite name for a girl?: grace =) lol
For a boy?: hmmm i haven't really figured that out yet...
Do you have your own computer?: Not yet.. i want a loptop before college though.
Do you like to watch really scary movies?: Yes
When's the next birthday party you're going to?: beats the ef out of me.
Do you have braces?: nope
What color do you want to dye you hair?: it's gonna be bright red on may 6th! =)
Have you ever cried over a teacher before?: hmm.. when they've REALLY pissed me off? i think so...
Are you gay?: despite popular belief.. no. lol sorry gals, i like the penis too much. LOLOL



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